Do we give refunds?

SVH does not offer refunds to customers at this time. 

What certifications do IV therapist have?

Our IV therapists are board certified nurses with emergency medicine and intravenous access experience. 

Our medical director has over 20 years of emergency medicine experience and oversees Sun Valley Hydration’s nurses. Sun Valley Hydration‘s priority is the safety and comfort of our clients.  

How long does IV therapy take?

Our therapies last about 30-45 minutes depending on the drip you order.  

Can I get IV therapy if I’m pregnant?

IV therapy is proven to be safe for pregnant women, but at this time Sun Valley Hydration is not providing therapy to pregnant clients. This is for the safety of yourself and baby. 

Can children get IV therapies?

Sun Valley Hydration requires clients to be 18 years or older to receive therapies. 

How often can you get IV therapies?

There are unique needs of everyone and there is no set amount of therapies required. Sun Valley Hydration recommends no more than four therapies per month, or once a week. 

Does Sun Valley Hydration take insurance?

We do not accept insurance at this time. We require clients to pay at time of therapy. We accept credit cards and cash payments.